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Dementia UK

We produced a fundraising film for Dementia UK featuring a patient with their carer and an Admiral Nurse. The three-minute film tells the story of what it's like to care for someone with Dementia. The film was projected at the Garrick Theatre in London before the fundraising Pantomine Snow White and The Seven Designers

The film looks great, and has a nice feel to it.
— Claire Curtis, Fundraising & Communications Manager, Dementia UK
Brilliantly pitched and really moved a lot of people.
— Tim Gosling, Designer for Dementia UK Event


f3 — The Local Food Consultants

A thirty minute awareness raising film about the history of the local food movement. Made into DVDs for all their members and used as an international campaigning tool. 

For more information, visit the Local Food Film website.

Sprout Films are a pleasure to work with, highly recommended!
— Joy Carey, Director F3


British Heart Foundation

A five minute promotional film showcasing the work of the BHF. For use on multi-broadcast platforms including the BHF website, big-screen projections, shops, roadshows and waiting rooms.

To find out more about their work, visit the British Heart Foundation website.

You have been very kind and reassuring all the way through this project... The team were lovely with a very nice supportive approach and no real time pressures.
— Kate Maylard Mason, BHF Nurse


National Trust — Seasonal Fruit Crumble

A series of 11 seasonal recipes using locally sourced ingredients, devised and demonstrated by National Trust Chef Richard McGeown. Screened on the website and in National Trust properties.

To see the full series, visit the National Trust website.

Great pace, hit the nail on the head, thanks very much.
— National Trust Website Content Manager


Green Academies Project (GAP) — National Trust & Natural England

Several films produced for the GAP project with incredible results.

I knew I had struck gold as soon as I saw the film... I have never seen these lads open up to anyone else in this way.
— Green Academies Project (GAP)


National Trust — Fine Farm Produce Awards

A 10 minute awards film for big screen projection at the Fine Farm Produce Awards — a National Trust annual media event. The film illustrates the work of the award winning farmers and growers from National Trust Estates.

To see the full version of this film, visit the FFPA website.

A fabulous, colourful film which brought the awards, winners and produce to life.
— Jeannette Heard, Press Officer


National Trust — Grow Your Own Energy

A six minute film for a media press launch, revealing the National Trust’s pledge to reduce fossil fuels. The film highlights the renewable energy initiatives at the historic sites of Dunster Castle & Scotney Castle. Also delivered for web usage and full media access.

To watch the full length version and find out more about the National Trust environmental plans for this launch, go to the National Trust website.

The film worked really well. It conveyed exactly the messages we wanted to get across.
— Jeannette Heard, Press Officer


National Trust — How To Garden Organically

A series of six environmental films to launch the National Trust’s green-living initiative providing tips on composting, organics and saving water. Screened on the website and in National Trust properties. 

To see the full series, visit the National Trust website . 

Love this! Thank you all so much, it is brilliant. Perfect fast pace, music is good and lively, it’s practical and clear and easy... I am smiling a lot — a great little video.
— National Trust Website Content Manager


People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) 

We produced the first website film for PTES' campaigns & website.

Huge thanks for a great film... looked absolutely fantastic when played on the big screen.
— Susannah Penn, Firebird PR



We produced a film and footage for Mowgli’s launch in Manchester.  

The Sprout team were very easy to work with, and we’re very pleased with the way our little film flows and tells the story.
— Ian Mackay, Founder, Mowgli


Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)

Two films with animated elements. How to watch and record whale and dolphin activity at WDCS observation sites. 

Extract of full film

Wow! I love these films, they are so good.
— Alison Lomax, Scottish Conservation Manager WDCS



A 15-minute fundraising film made in Africa, which follows inner city UK teenagers as they’re introduced to environmental and conservation projects overseas.

To find out more about their work, visit the Clouddog website.

Extract of full film

Sprout Films were fully committed to our aims and objectives, getting involved at every level of the underprivileged student experience. Three years on, we still use the DVD to successfully demonstrate what clouddog™ is all about. As we expand into other areas in southern Africa, we look forward to working with them again. A pleasure!
— Teresa Brosnan, Director


Woodrow High House

A 10 minute fundraising film illustrating the respite programmes, training and activity opportunities at this residential centre run by London Youth.

To find out more about their work, visit the London Youth website.

Extract of full film

Sprout Films were a pleasure to work with — approachable, professional, flexible and creative. They understood what was required and added their own touch to make an engaging film that captures the essence of our organisation. I don’t know how we managed without it.
— Angela Tuttle Mason, Chair of Events / Fundraising



We produced a film for big screen projection and the company website. 

Sprout Films are great – true professionals. The team understood exactly what we wanted and delivered a great film.
— James Watts, Head of Marketing, Databarracks


New Voice Media

A series of six promotional films demonstrating how NVM’s cloud computing technologies have helped business and charities manage their operations more effectively. Used on the NVM website and screened at roadshows and events throughout the UK.

To see both films, visit the New Voice Media website.

Sprout Films were extremely professional... the business has taken a giant leap forward in having video on our website.
— Jonathan Grant, CEO



A three minute reversioned promotional clip used for a media presentation for British Swimming, hosted by gold medallist, Steve Parry. The film highlights partnerships with national charities and sports associations.

To see both films, visit the Nemisys website.

Great result in double quick time.
— John Duffy, Director
Absolutely brilliant. First Time. Thank you.
— Giles Bryan, Director


Sherbert Research

A selection of two minute video clips from focus groups, for use in PowerPoint presentations.

To find out more about their work, visit the  Sherbert website.

The people at Sprout are experienced professionals who are a pleasure to work with. In my field of qualitative research it is important to capture people’s true feelings and experiences in a relaxed and natural way; they do this effortlessly.
— Abby Jones, Director


BBC Headroom

A short research film on mental wellbeing, filmed at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2008.

To find out more about their work, visit the BBC Headroom website.